A Japanese themed garden created during the lockdown

The photos below show the Japanese themed garden completed during the recent relaxation of the lockdown. Designed and built by Maria Stripling in memory of a friend’s husband who had visited Japan on holiday and the lovely Kyoto tea house gardens. With elements including ‘turtle’ islands (denoting longevity), Azaleas, Acers and a Taxus cloud-pruned tree. With a gravel sea, stepping stones and sculptures owned by the family and perfectly at home in the new space. The forms and planting mirror the surrounding countryside and compliment the rest of the garden as well as the friend’s love of yoga, walking and, of course, ‘tea’!

The garden was due to open in July to raise funds for St Anns Hospice but that has been deferred. However, there are plans to create a video which we will share on here soon.

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