Didsbury Good Neighbours to help with this year’s event

Didsbury Good Neighbours (DGN) will be part of the Open gardens day this year, helping senior residents of Didsbury to get to some of the gardens and look around. The charity, which is based at the Holt Pavilion in Didsbury Park, run a variety of activities for people at the Cafe and also a weekly programme of events.

Volunteers support residents in the community and this year we are asking anyone who needs some help to visit some gardens to get in touch with DGN in good time and they will try and help out.  Contact them on Tel: 07749 504298 or email: More details are in the programme which goes on sale this weekend. See Home page for details of where to buy a programme.

News! ‘Loose Change’ buskers to play & Juliette Hamilton to exhibit at Didsbury Open Gardens event on 17 June

Great news!  Loose Change buskers will be entertaining visitors to the Broomcroft Hall Garden this year as part of Didsbury Open Gardens.  They will provide a great accompaniment to a picnic on the lawn in this lovely garden while raising money for Cancer Research. Loose Change Buskers

And Juliette Hamilton, our very own Didsbury Willow Sculptor, whose work is in great demand across the UK, will also exhibit at Broomcroft Hall Garden again this year.  We just love her work.  If you would like to see more visit her web site;  Juliette Hamilton Design

A special Didsbury Garden in November…

Even in November, Simon Hickey’s garden is still blooming fabulous!  Open Arms roses still blooming on the pergola, Ivy Gloire de Marengo looking a bit chewed but still good for November colour, the leucothoe scarletta with its purple coloration, at its best, Fatsia and acer palmatum making a nice contrast and pyracantha berries giving great colour even in October and November.

There’s also Chinese ragwort (sinacalia tangutica) which has lovely fluffy seedheads in autumn – spreads like mad though. And last but not least, an old rose inherited with the garden, still giving value – as they always do.