Didsbury Open Gardens 2020

While our June 2020 event has been postponed (possibly taking place on Sunday, 6 September 2020), there will still be plenty of work done in the gardens. We will ask our garden hosts to share photos and post them here for all to see.

First, here are a few lovely pictures from the gardens of two of our long-standing garden hosts and plantsmen, Bill Godfrey (with some very interesting information he recently shared about the plants) and Simon Hickey – both have gorgeous gardens!

The flower offering for Easter Day deserves to be something very special.  The ‘pride of Madeira’, Echeum fastuosum, growing happily in Manchester with four glorious electric blue flower spikes (the photographs don’t quite do justice to the blue). It is Madeira’s flower, Cornwall’s too seen by friends on an English Language Garden Tour with Michaeljon and Jeremy in the Tresco Abbey garden, Isles of  Scilly. Our plant is three years old and flowering for the first time. It could last another five years if it’s protected from frost. (Bill G.)

This week’s choice has to be the Camellias. Symbols of love and affection:White for true love. Pink for remembering someone who is missed. Red symbolizing passion and deep desire. Violetta’s flower. (She gives me goose pimples just thinking of her). The great spring-time Camellias play their own joke on passers-by by screaming “Come closer, come nearer, nearer and let me touch your nose!”  Gardeners know to resist; they have no scent at all! Not all Camellias are scentless. The scented Camellia sasanquas bloom in the autumn. Tatton and Chatsworth have good examples under glass.  The Moor Cottage red Camellia is 26 this year. (Bill G.

‘Clematis avalanche’ from simon Hickey.






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